Defensive Accuracy LLC

1350 B Mettler Road

Lodi, California 95242


209-369-9366 (Larry DeKam - Lodi, Stockton, Central Valley)


408-687-3791 (Denise King—Bay Area)


209-603-9771 (Larry Behnke)


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Practical Defensive Firearms Instruction in SF Bay Area, Central Valley, and Beyond!
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$25 course discount for active and honorably retired

military and sworn law enforcement and those protected by

an active Domestic Violence Restraining Order

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Beginner and Advanced Instruction

Just starting out or ready to dive into our intensive Pistol and Carbine Low Light Series? Find the Class that suits you.

Looking for concealled carry instruction or a multistate permit? Find the group class that you need or inquire about private instruction.

Private and Small Group CCW Instruction and Renewals at our Lodi, California and

East Bay Locations

Please call us at 209-603-9771 or 

209-369-9366 in Lodi/Stockton/Central Valley area or 408-687-3791 in the SF Bay area.

Email us at

Defensive Accuracy, LLC provides defensive firearms instruction in the East Bay, North Bay, South Bay, and Central Valley. We welcome students of all skill levels from the experienced professional who is looking for a tune-up to the novice shooter who may not yet own a gun but who is interested in learning firearm skills for self defense or as an additional recreational endeavor. We stress a safe and professional learning environment.


We are a team of instructors with a broad base of experience in law enforcement, combat tactics training, executive protection training, concealed carry instruction, BSIS training, and DOJ instructor training. We are certified Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Training Facility (TFF1437). We train with a team of NRA certified instructors. Our class sizes are limited. Private instruction is available and we can accommodate private groups.


Private Training and Renewals Available:


If you need training for your California CCW and cannot or do not wish to wait for our regularly scheduled courses, or if you need to schedule a renewal for your California CCW, please call us at 209-369-9366 in Lodi/Stockton/Central Valley area or 408-687-3791 in the San Francisco, East Bay, North Bay, or South Bay area or email us at


Payment for registration for Defensive Accuracy courses is not refundable except in the case of course cancellation. Failure to obey safety rules or any unsafe behavior will result in removal from the class without the issuance of a refund.


Classes Not Open to Persons with Firearms Restrictions

San Leandro CCW