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Advanced Courses

Low-Light Gunfighting 

This Series consists of six modules each focusing on specific skills and reinforcing skills practiced in prior modules. Class meets once a month for 6 consecutive months, generally on the second Sunday from 3pm to 9pm. Utilizing live-fire, force-on-force Simunitions training, and field medicine, Low-Light Gunfighting focuses on current, proven defensive techniques to protect oneself and ones family in the gravest extreme. This series focuses on dynamic movement, effective combat skills, and real-world scenarios with ever-changing environment to enhance your reaction time in very-close quarters engagement through team tactics and non-standard, unconventional shooting positions.



This is for the serious. Our Low Light Gunfighting Series has a limited class size of ten. The series is held usually on the second Sunday of each month, with some occasional variances.


We feature credentialed, skilled instructors with backgrounds in military, law enforcement, and public safety. While the training can be demanding, it is offered in a supportive and collaborative environment where men and women from a diverse spectrum of our community come together to forge their protective abilities.

 Due to the dynamic and escalating nature of this series, individual modules are not available.  Call Denise at 408-687-3791 for more information.


This is a handgun/carbine offering, and includes topics such as:


  • Tactical Lights and Lasers. Timing, techniques and mastery of their application in diminished, low/no light and unconventional, rapidly unfolding situations.


  • Hostile Environment Lifesaving Practices (H.E.L.P.) training. These essential lifesaving skills for yourself and others will be taught by Brandt Jorgenson.


  • Multiple systems and how to use them effectively. The ability to perform rapid transitions between systems (i.e. carbine and handgun).


  • Force-on-force Training. Strengthen your skills, develop the psychological edge and the physiological ability to handle larger, stronger attackers with effective techniques.  


  • Validation of training with Simunition® non-lethal training ammunition. Enhance your problem solving skills in challenging real-world scenarios.


  • Vehicular Ops:  Fighting from and around a vehicle.  Individual, team tactics and rescue techniques.


Classes will begin at 3:00 p.m and run until 9 p.m. All classes are on Sundays.

Applications are being accepted for the January - June 2019 series.


Series price: $1475. This covers the six consecutive modules of the series and one makeup module, if necessary. Sandwiches, snacks, coffee, water, and good company are included.


As with the current LLG Series, participation is by "Invitation Only". 


What To Bring


  • Handgun

  • 6 magazines for handgun

  • Ability to carry at least 4 mags in carriers 

  • 400 rounds handgun ammo

  • AR-15 (or equivalent) with red dot optic

  • Tactical sling (one or two point)

  • 4 magazines for AR

  • 300 rounds of AR ammo

  • Ability to carry at least 1 mag in carrier on your person

  • Good, closed-toe, non-skid tactical boots or sport shoes

  • Ballcap

  • Eye protection (clear for night)

  • Electronic ear protection

  • Handheld tactical flashlight with belt carrier (such as a Surefire)

  • AR-mounted white light (such as Surefire)

  • Handgun mounted light (optional)

  • Knee pads (optional)

  • Personal hydration supply


Vests, battle belts, and the like are optional. This is your opportunity to shake out your gear and figure out whats works best for you under conditions of use.

Our Advanced Courses are not NRA Certified Classes.

These courses have been developed to meet specific training needs unmet by NRA developed curriculum.

Diamond Drill

Shooting while moving.

Going prone with pistol.

Simunitions and charging assailant.