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Answers to some of your questions:

Am I safe training with you?


                 We are extremely safety conscious.  All classes are run with instructors who are Range Safety Officers (RSOs) or Chief Range Safety Officers. This is in addition to the RSOs at the ranges where live fire instruction takes place. We expect our students will be attentive to and follow all rules and commands. Ignoring or disregarding safety rules or commands will result in removal from the class. Live ammunition is not allowed in the classroom.  If you bring your own ammo, leave it in the car until instructed to retrieve it. Defensive Accuracy LLC is an entity recognized by California DOJ as providing comparable handgun safety training to those entities specified by Penal Code section 31635, subdivision (b).


Do you train women?


                 Absolutely. If you are pregnant or anticipating pregnancy, please consult your physician prior to taking the course.


What is a firearms restriction?


                 Law-abiding persons are generally able to legally possess a gun. However, there are certain actions or conditions that result in the permanent or temporary restriction from possessing firearms or ammunition.  For a more complete description of firearms restrictions in California, please go to the Department of Justice website. If you are subject to a restriction, you cannot train with us.


What can the beginner learn?


                 If you are new to firearms, contact us and we can help you get started. Whether you wish to have a first experience with a rifle or pistol or want to begin your training in defensive shooting, you can enroll in an introductory course. We can also work with you to quickly get you up to speed and enrolled in a personal protection course.


What can the advanced student learn?


                 If you have been shooting for a while or even carry a gun with your occupation, you might benefit from our personal protection courses to get a fresh perspective on the defensive use of handguns inside and outside the home. If you have previously taken Personal Protection Outside The Home, or an equivalent course, the Low Light Pistol and Carbine Series and the Advanced Handgun courses will give you some additional practice and instruction.


Aren’t you all a bunch of rednecks?


                 We don’t like labels and we don’t use them in our courses.  Firearms ownership is an individual right for all citizens whether liberal, conservative, left, right, center, Red State, or Blue State.  With this right comes responsibility and we recognize that a trained, responsible, and diverse population makes our communities and country safer.


Who developed the courses?


                 Personal Protection In The Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home were developed by the National Rifle Association. The NRA training materials included with these courses are excellent resources and the prescribed syllabus for each course is closely followed.  All training for NRA courses is performed by NRA certified instructors.

                 Our Low Light Pistol and Carbine Series and Advanced Handgun Training courses were developed by Defensive Accuracy to provide the advanced shooter and graduate of Personal Protection Outside The Home with additional practice and instruction in engaging reactive targets out of the holster.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? 


Can I take your course and buy/carry a gun?


                 Well, yes and no. 

                 If you take one of our courses and you need a California Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC), we can test you and issue a new Certificate to you. The FSC is issued for the State of California to fulfill one requirement for firearm purchases. The FSC requires a separate test over FSC specific topics.  Download and read the FSC Study Guide in preparation for the test

                 If your intention is carry a concealed handgun, California requires a Carry Concealed Weapons permit. The process for obtaining a CCW permit is generally handled by the sheriff in the county in which you reside or, if you live in an incorporated city, the chief of police of the city in which you reside. The issuance of a permit is at the sheriff’s/chief’s discretion and varies  widely between counties/cities. However, once issued, a permit is valid throughout California.  Please visit our Concealed Carry page for more information.


Where do you train?


                 We train at the Guns, Fishing & Other Stuff, in Dublin and Vacaville, KW Defense, Richmond Rod & Gun Club, San Leandro Optimist Rifle and Pistol Range, Birds Landing Hunting Preserve & Sporting Clays and at selected private locations.


What is your refund policy?


                 Registration for Defensive Accuracy courses is not refundable except in the case of course cancellation. Failure to obey safety rules or any unsafe behavior will result in removal from the class without the issuance of a refund.